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With the Nashville installment of Foo Fighters' Sonic Highways HBO show set to air, the group has shared "Congregation," the raucous, guitar-wailing song it wrote while drawing inspiration from Music City. Specifically, the track contains the line, "And they're singing like a bluebird in the round," presumably a reference to the city's Bluebird Café, which played heavily into the Foos' time in the city. The band recorded the tune at Nashville-based country artist Zac Brown's Southern Ground Studios. The song will appear on the group's upcoming eighth studio record, also titled Sonic Highways, which is due out November 10th. Heart Say 'Thank You' to Foo Fighters With Raw Cover News of the group's Nashville interest came out in May when Dave Grohl made an appearance at the city's Bluebird Café, where he played a set of Foo songs like "Everlong" and "Big Me" on acoustic guitar. "The Bluebird I knew a little bit about, but I learned a lot," Grohl later said of the experience. "In Nashville, it seems like there are these rites of passage that you have to go through to become a star, whether you're a singer or a songwriter, and the Bluebird is really one of those. If you can get down at the Bluebird, you've got a gig." A preview of the band's Nashville episode shows Grohl performing at the Bluebird and joking with the audience, "One of these days, I'm gonna get my big break, man," to laughter from the audience. It also shows interview snippets with Dolly Parton, who talks about the importance of the song in making it country music, and with Carrie Underwood, who talks about how people come to Nashville to write. In an interview with Billboard, Grohl said he hoped to answer the question, "Why did country go to Nashville?" He also revealed to Rolling Stone that he had spoken in depth with country artists about the genre's roots in the church. Earlier in October, Foo Fighters shared their Chicago-inspired song "Something From Nothing," which also appeared in the series premiere. In addition to recording at Brown's studio, Grohl has had a long history with the country artist. Last November, he played drums with Brown during the singer's CMA Awards performance. And earlier this month, Brown joined the Foo Fighters during their Late Show With David Letterman residency to jam out Black Sabbath's classic "War Pigs." Grohl also produced Brown's EP The Grohl Sessions, Vol. 1, which came out last December. "The first time I ever heard Zac was when I hit record in Nashville and said, 'Okay, we're rolling,'" Grohl told Rolling Stone in 2013. "I'd never heard one note of his music. They're unbelievable. The band is so good they can be tracked live. We didn't fuck with computers; we tracked live, four-part harmonies around one microphone. It’s rocking." Related Hear Foo Fighters' Guitarist Cover Justin Townes Earle Watch 'Sonic Highways' Go Hardcore in D.C. Visit Dave Grohl: 'Foo Fighters Is the Dumbest Band Name Ever'
Young Dolph vídeo clip Money Callin
Young Dolph - Money Callin
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[Verse 1]
Word on the street, that lil nigga ill
Word on the street, that lil nigga for real
You ever counted so much money it gave you the chills
Ran through a half a mil, we ain't got no record deal
Sold my own dope, roll up my own smoke
I started getting money couldn't trust my own folks
She got booty shots or not, shit iono
I fuck my own ho, and prolly yours too nigga
I learned how to weigh up dope when I was goin' to school nigga
That's why I thought that it was cool to sell my dope at school nigga
You see me with yo ho, you know what we about to do nigga
On the way to the Marriott bout to act a fool Wit her

[Bridge 1]
On the way to the room gotta phone call
Money on the line had to drop that bitch off
Just like that, I had yo bitch ready to drop them drawers
Money on my phone and me and my niggas we want it all.

What have you done for me lately, that's why it's fuck you pay me
Its like this money just be callin' me (2x)
Money On my Phone, Money in my home
Money On my Phone, Money in my home
Money On my Phone, Bitch Leave Alone
Money On my Phone, Money in my home

[Verse 2]
I got mud in these Two Cups(sizzerp), I got money on my iPhone
Shawty from the club ask me to give her a ride home
Got to her crib and then she took a ride on my bone
What have you done for me lately
Yo phone number I misplaced it
Got some good head but i replaced it
You got some good brain, so bitch don't waist it!
If it ain't bout a dolla I don't give a damn bout it
30 P's in the trunk, but my license not valid
Talk about the streets but you not bout it
Every Dolph show is like a dope boy riot

[Bridge 2]
What have you done for me lately, nigga fuck you pay me
I was fucked up until my plug saved me
Nowadays I got mo customers than Macy's

What have you done for me lately, that's why it's fuck you pay me
Its like this money just be callin' me (2x)
Money On my Phone, Money in my home
Money On my Phone, Money in my home
Money On my Phone, Bitch Leave Alone
Money On my Phone, Money in my home