12 February, 2016 - NME.com
Kanye West is planning to release a video game based on his mother's ascension to heaven. The game and its accompanying trailer were revealed at the tail-end of West's extravagant launch event for his new album and clothing linein New York last night. The trailer for the game (see below) sees Donda West, who passed away in 2007, riding on the back of a white horse before growing wings and flying through the sky. 'Only One' shares a name with the Paul McCartney collaboration Kanye West released in 2014. Speaking to the audience at Madison Square Garden, West said: "The idea of the game is my mom traveling through the gates of heaven." West launched his new album with a listening party and fashion show at New York's Madison Square Garden last night (February 11). The arena event marked the launch of West's Yeezy Season 3 range with Adidas and the première of his new album. Kanye West shares lyrics and inspiration for new song ‘Father Stretch My Hands’ Earlier this week, West announced that his new album's current title bears the initials 'TLOP', revealing that the letters stand for 'The Life Of Pablo'. West's seventh LP previously went by the names 'Waves', 'Swish' and 'So Help Me God'. Initially announced as 'So Help Me God' in March 2015, West then changed his album's title to 'Swish' a few months later in May 2015. Just a couple of weeks prior to the album's official release though, West changed the name again to 'Waves'. West took to Twitter to confirm the album's current title as 'The Life Of Pablo'. See the picture below for the album's full tracklisting. Final track list for The Life Of Pablo pic.twitter.com/PMH94MAAeJ— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 11, 2016 Kanye West made headlines in the run up to the launch event by by proclaiming Bill Cosby's innocence on social media.
Beloved Enemy vídeo clip The Other Side
Beloved Enemy - The Other Side
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Beloved Enemy - The Other Side letras (Traducción de Español)

EN: you’re the one, the one I believe in
ES: tú eres, el uno creo en

EN: never had a love so strong, all my faith resides in you
ES: nunca había tenido un amor tan fuerte, toda mi fe reside en TI

EN: so I go to all the places where we used to be as one
ES: así que voy a todos los lugares donde solíamos ser como uno

EN: I can hear you calling me
ES: Puedo escuchar a le llamarme

EN: You’re the one I always remember
ES: Tú eres el recuerdo siempre

EN: You’re the one the one for me
ES: Eres el uno el uno para mí

EN: Eternal love but change came suddenly
ES: Amor eterno pero cambio llegó de repente


EN: I still can see you and I , I’m at your side
ES: Todavía puedo ver tú y yo, estoy a tu lado

EN: I, I still can feel you
ES: Que aún puedo sentirte

EN: Coz I’m there, on the other side
ES: Estoy allí, al otro lado de coz

EN: there’s no one no one to replace you
ES: no hay uno nadie le sustituir

EN: you’re the one that shines for me
ES: tú eres el que brilla para mí

EN: gotta go where no one else can go
ES: Gotta go donde nadie puede entrar

EN: I’m the one, the one that will follow
ES: Soy el uno, el uno que va a seguir

EN: and I see a ray of light
ES: y veo un rayo de luz

EN: you’re my beacon in the night
ES: eres mi faro en la noche

EN: I can feel, feel you coming
ES: Puedo sentir, sientes que te viene

EN: gonna kiss the deadly sin
ES: vas a besar el pecado mortal

EN: and I hear, hear you calling; now I’m answering
ES: y escucho, oírle llamar; ahora respondo

EN: I, I still can see you…
ES: Que aún puedo ver usted…

EN: Come with me to the other side
ES: Ven conmigo al otro lado

EN: Follow me to the other side …
ES: Sígueme al otro lado...