26 November, 2015 - NME.com
The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas recently revealed that he has collaborated with Savages singer Jehnny Beth, with reports now claiming that the duet will be released in December. As reported by Stereogum, online listings allege that the pair have covered 'Boy/Girl', a 1983 collaboration between Danish punk band Sort Sol and US post-punk artist Lydia Lunch. A leaked press release states: "The collaboration stems from the pair’s mutual admiration after meeting while on tour in South America, and having an interest in finding a way to work together. The idea to collaborate became to take shape when Johnny Hostile (Savages producer) suggested the song to Jehnny." "It really made sense when I heard it for the first time. It was the perfect song for Julian and I," Beth is quoted as saying. Jake Owens/NME Casablancas adds: "I had never heard the song before and still have no idea what the hell the words are talking about. It sounds like a Danish dude trying sound like he’s saying English sounding words". The single will be released digitally on December 4, with a seven-inch coming later on December 18. Listen to the original song below. The Strokes released their last album 'Comedown Machine' in 2013, with frontman Julian Casablancas recently revealing that the band are working on new music.
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Miguel - Adorn
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Miguel - Adorn letras (Traducción de Español)

EN: Yeah, these lips...
ES: Sí, esos labios...

EN: Can`t wait to taste your skin baby
ES: No puedo esperar a degustar a su bebé piel

EN: No, no
ES: No, no

EN: And these eyes, yeah
ES: Y estos ojos, sí

EN: Can`t wait to see your grin...
ES: No puedo esperar a ver su sonrisa...

EN: OOh baby
ES: Ooo baby

EN: Just let my love
ES: Simplemente dejar que mi amor

EN: Just let mu love adorn you
ES: Dejan solo amor de mu le adornan

EN: Please baby, yeah
ES: Por favor a bebé, sí

EN: You gotta know (x2)
ES: Se llegó a conocer (x 2)

EN: You know
ES: Sabes

EN: That I adorn you
ES: Que yo le adornan

EN: Yeah baby
ES: Yeah baby

EN: Baby these fist...
ES: Bebé que estas puño...

EN: Will always protect ya lady
ES: Siempre ya proteger dama

EN: And this mind oh,
ES: Y esto importa AH,

EN: Will never neglect you,
ES: Nunca se descuide

EN: Yeah baby,
ES: Yeah baby,

EN: Oh baby
ES: Vaya, cielo

EN: And this thang
ES: Y este thang

EN: Trying to break us down
ES: Tratando de romper nos

EN: Don`t let that effect us,
ES: No permitamos que nos, efecto

EN: No baby
ES: No bebé

EN: You just got to let
ES: Sólo tienes que dejar

EN: My love...
ES: Mi amor...

EN: Let my love (x2)
ES: Deja mi amor (x 2)

EN: Adorn you
ES: Le adornan

EN: Ahh, le, le, le let it
ES: Ahh, le, le, le deja

EN: Just adorn you
ES: Sólo le adornan

EN: You got to know
ES: Tienes que saber

EN: You got to know
ES: Tienes que saber

EN: Know that I adorn you
ES: Sé que le adornan

EN: Just that babe
ES: Sólo babe

EN: I, oh
ES: Me, oh

EN: Let my love adorn you baby...
ES: Deja mi amor adornan you baby...

EN: Don`t you ever
ES: No nunca

EN: Don`t you let no one
ES: No dejes de nadie

EN: Tell you different baby
ES: Decirle a bebé diferente

EN: Always adorn you
ES: Siempre te adornan

EN: You got to know
ES: Tienes que saber

EN: You got to know (x3)
ES: Tienes que saber (x 3)

EN: Now yeah...
ES: Ahora sí...