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The rumors are true: Dr. Dre will release a new album in the near future. The rapper took to his Beats 1 radio show The Pharmacy to confirm reports of a Straight Outta Compton soundtrack produced by Dre as well as additional details regarding Dre's first LP since 1999's 2001. During Saturday's "Countdown to Compton" episode, Dre revealed that Compton: The Soundtrack will arrive on August 7th exclusively on iTunes and Apple Music. 'Detox': A Timeline of Dr. Dre's Great Unfinished Album "During principal photography, I felt myself going to the studio and being so inspired by the movie that I started recording an album," Dre said on The Pharmacy. "I kept it under wraps, and now the album is finished. It's bananas. It's an 'inspired by' album. It's inspired by Straight Outta Compton, we're gonna call the album Compton: The Soundtrack. I'm really proud of this." Dre also revealed why he never released his long-delayed Detox: "It just wasn't good." "This is something you're not gonna hear many artists say. The reason Detox didn't come out was because I didn't like it. It wasn't good," Dre admitted. "I'm gonna keep it all the way one-thousand with you, seriously. I worked my ass off on it, I don't think I did a good enough job, and I couldn't do that to my fans and I couldn't do that to myself, to be perfectly honest with you. I just wasn't feeling it." On The Pharmacy, Dre was joined by Ice Cube and Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray to discuss the N.W.A biopic and its much-anticipated soundtrack. During the episode, Cube and Dre reminisced about first meeting in high school in 1983 or 1984 ("You're showing our age," Dre quipped) and how they bonded over their "mutual love of hip-hop." "It just grew from there into this crazy, life-changing relationship," Dre said of his friendship with Ice Cube. The N.W.A pair also talked about growing up in Compton and the biopic itself. Ice Cube appeared on Philadelphia's Power 99 Wednesday morning and let slip the news about Dre's Straight Outta Compton soundtrack. While Cube gave an August 1st release date for the album, multiple sources told Rolling Stone that the album will be released at a later date than Saturday, which is ultimately when Dre confirmed the record. "It's mega. It's Dr. Dre, it's what everybody’s been waiting for," Ice Cube told the Rise & Grind Morning Show. "It's definitely a dope record, and he's dropping it all on the same day." During a March 2015 radio interview, Dre first revealed that he was working on a soundtrack for Straight Outta Compton. "I'm working on something right now. I don't want to put it out there just yet and say that I'm definitely gonna put it out. But I'm really feeling what I'm working on right now," Dre said. "This would be a record that's inspired by the movie." Straight Outta Compton hits theaters August 14th. Related Dr. Dre Praises J Dilla, Talks N.W.A Biopic on 'Pharmacy' Go Behind the Scenes of N.W.A Film 'Straight Outta Compton' Dr. Dre to Release New Album as 'Compton' Soundtrack
Die Antwoord vídeo clip I Fink U Freeky
Die Antwoord - I Fink U Freeky
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Die Antwoord - I Fink U Freeky letras (Traducción de Alemán)

EN: Sexy boys, fancy boys
DE: Sexy jungen, Phantasie

EN: Playboys, bad boys
DE: Playboys, bad boys

EN: I fink u freeky and I like you a lot (x4)
DE: Ich fink u Freeky und ich mag dich eine Menge (X 4)

EN: Motherfuckers get buzzed off the spice that I bring
DE: Motherfuckers erhalten aus Spice summte, dass ich bringen

EN: Guess who's got the party jumpin'?
DE: Ratet mal, wer hat die Partei Jumpin '?

EN: Glow in the dark rave, aura pumping
DE: Glühen Sie in den dunklen Rave, Aura-Pumpen

EN: It's nice and different, yo fuck the the system
DE: Es ist schön und anders, yo ficken die das System

EN: My system pumps off it's fucking face
DE: Mein System Pumpen aus es ist fucking Gesicht

EN: Step into my world nou's jy tuis in paradys
DE: Treten Sie ein in meine Welt Nou Jy Tuis in paradys

EN: Yo word up to my brother, muis
DE: Yo Wort bis zu meinem Bruder, muis

EN: Pump up your speakers, God se Jesus.
DE: Pumpen Sie Ihre Lautsprecher, Gott Se Jesus.

EN: Kyk wies rapping, lekker to the drum
DE: KYK Wies Rappen, Lekker der Trommel

EN: These bad boys like to smack me in the bum
DE: Diese bösen Jungs wollen mich in den Hintern zu klatschen

EN: My crew's blowing up like Chappies bubblegum
DE: Meine Crew ist wie Chappies Kaugummi Sprengung

EN: Popping in your face, nyaaaa
DE: Tauchen in Ihrem Gesicht, nyaaaa

EN: Yo fuck the rat race my style is rap rave
DE: Yo das Ratterennen ficken mein Stil ist Rap Rave

EN: My crew is kak fresh, so who the fuck cares?
DE: Meine Crew ist Kak frisch, also, wer zum Teufel interessiert?

EN: What you fucking think, I'm the type of chick
DE: Was denken Sie ficken, bin ich der Typ der Küken

EN: Who rolls with spif giftige misfits
DE: Die Rollen mit Spif Giftige misfits

EN: I fink u freeky and I like you a lot (x8)
DE: Ich fink u Freeky und ich mag dich eine Menge (X 8)

EN: Hold up! Whoa, whoa wait a minute-minute, Jesus Christ
DE: Halten! Warten Sie Whoa, whoa eine Minute Minute, Jesus Christus

EN: Yo my man DJ High Tek - Shit, this motherfucking beat is nice
DE: Yo ist mein Mann DJ High Tek - Shit, Motherfucking Beat schön

EN: Back in the day them dwankies didn't want to believe in us
DE: Zurück in den Tag wollte sie Dwankies nicht an uns glauben

EN: Little did they know that they was in for a motherfucking big surprise.
DE: Sie hatte keine Ahnung, dass sie für eine große Überraschung Motherfucking in war.

EN: Left home locked in my Zef Zone
DE: Links Startseite in meiner Zef-Zone gesperrt

EN: Ready for the test yo? What the fuck, I guess so...
DE: Bereit für den Test yo? Was zum Teufel, denke ich schon...

EN: Hit the overseas, motherfucker's heads get blown.
DE: Treffen der Übersee, Motherfucker die Köpfe geblasen bekommen.

EN: Get everything will be free like Dr. Dre Beats headphones
DE: Bekommen alles werden frei wie Dr. Dre Beats Kopfhörer

EN: When I get home I lounge on my Zef throne
DE: Wenn ich nach Hause komme lounge ich auf meinem Thron Zef

EN: Make my mummy happy cause I get so paid
DE: Machen Sie meine Mama glücklich Sache, die ich also bezahlt

EN: Making my money rapping over techno rave
DE: Mein Geld Rappen über Techno rave

EN: I can take you 'round the world, let's go babe
DE: Ich kann Sie die ' runden dasWelt, lass uns Babe

EN: When I step up and do my thing I put you in a trance
DE: Wenn ich intensivieren und nicht mein Ding habe ich Sie in trance

EN: My Zef motherfucking clique got it going on
DE: Meine Zef Motherfucking Clique bekam es geht

EN: Fuck what you think, I do what I want
DE: Fuck, was Sie denken, ich mache was ich will

EN: I can make a million little motherfuckers jump
DE: Ich kann eine Million kleine Motherfuckers springen machen.

EN: Jump motherfucker, jump motherfucker jump (x4)
DE: Springen Sie Motherfucker, springen Motherfucker Sprung (X 4)

EN: Increase the peace, don't wreck the party
DE: Erhöhen Sie den Frieden, nicht die Partei Wrack

EN: And fuck da jol up for everybody
DE: Und ficken da Jol für jedermann

EN: Ek's a laarney, jy's a gam
DE: EK ist ein Laarney, Jy ist ein gam

EN: Want jy lam innie mang, met jou slang in a man
DE: Wollen Sie Jy Lam Innie Mang, met Jou Slang in einem Mann

EN: I fink u freeky and I like you a lot (x8)
DE: Ich fink u Freeky und ich mag dich eine Menge (X 8)

EN: Now why you loer en kyk gelyk?
DE: Nun warum Sie Loer de Kyk Gelyk?

EN: Is ek miskien van goud gemake?
DE: Ist Ek Miskien van Goud Gemake?

EN: You want to fight, you come tonight.
DE: Sie bekämpfen wollen, kommen Sie heute Abend.

EN: Ek moer jou sleg! So jy hardloop weg.
DE: EK Moer Jou Sleg! Also Jy Hardloop Weg.

EN: God se Jesus, we come to party
DE: Gott Se Jesus, kommen wir zum feiern

EN: Pump your speakers, yo rock your body
DE: Ihre Lautsprecher Pumpen, yo rock your body

EN: In god we trust, You can't fuck with us
DE: Auf Gott vertrauen wir, Sie mit uns ficken kann nicht

EN: We not taking kak, I'd like to say what's up
DE: Wir nehmen nicht Kak, möchte ich sagen, was los ist

EN: To my sexy boys, and my fancy boys,
DE: Meine sexy Jungs, und meine Phantasie Jungs,

EN: And my playboys, and my bad boys,
DE: Und meine Playboys, und meine bösen Jungs,

EN: And my pretty boys, and my ugly boys,
DE: Und meine hübsche Jungs und meine hässliche Jungs,

EN: And my naughty boys,
DE: Und meine freche Jungs,

EN: We gonna have a nice time kids
DE: Wir haben eine schöne Zeit-Kinder

EN: I fink u freeky and I like you a lot (x8)
DE: Ich fink u Freeky und ich mag dich eine Menge (X 8)