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The acclaimed Amy Winehouse documentary Amy is set for a wider release to U.S. theaters this weekend, and although critics have raved about the intense, probing film, some of those closest to the singer have campaigned against Amy. While Winehouse's family have announced that they "disassociated" from the documentary because it casts the singer's father Mitch in a negative light, one of Winehouse's closest collaborators, Back to Black producer Mark Ronson, has applauded the film, professing that Amy captures Winehouse's "genius." The Amy Winehouse We Never Knew "Obviously, it's tough to watch the film because it brings back memories," Ronson told The Mirror. "But what I love about it is that my wife never got to meet Amy and I am always telling her stories about us in the studio and the clever, witty things that Amy would say. We watched it and my wife said, 'Now I get it. Now I see the Amy you talked about.' I forget that not everyone got to see that side of her." The Asif Kapadia-directed Amy is constructed primarily out of home videos and archival footage that track Winehouse as she grows from a talented teenager to a reluctant star to a worldwide phenomenon. The viewer is also confronted with the many enablers who targeted the singer once she became famous and documents, in haunting detail, Winehouse's downward spiral. However, Ronson says Amy also cements Winehouse's legacy as a unique, generational talent. "The really respectful thing about the movie is you are reminded why she was famous in the first place – she was a genius, that’s the stuff even I can forget," Ronson said. "I forget that when I played her the piano chords to 'Back To Black,' she wrote the lyrics in an hour. I was blown away; people just don't write lyrics like that any more. On 'Rehab' as well, she wrote those lyrics in two hours and they're so honest. Whoever thought there'd be a pop record about preferring to listen to Donny Hathaway than going to rehab, in 2006? Hers were the most open, honest lyrics you’re ever going to hear on pop radio." Despite Ronson's seal of approval, as well as reviews putting Amy on the same level as the similarly constructed, equally introspective Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, Winehouse's own family have severed any connection to the documentary. "They feel that the film is a missed opportunity to celebrate her life and talent and that it is both misleading and contains some basic untruths," the Winehouse family said in a statement. "There are specific allegations made against family and management that are unfounded and unbalanced." Related Haunting Amy Winehouse Doc Trailer Shows Triumph, Decline Watch 14-Year-Old Amy Winehouse Sing 'Happy Birthday' Amy Winehouse Demos for Unfinished Third LP Destroyed
Die Antwoord vídeo clip I Fink U Freeky
Die Antwoord - I Fink U Freeky
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Die Antwoord - I Fink U Freeky letras (Traducción de Español)

EN: Sexy boys, fancy boys
ES: Sexy chicos, chicos fantasia

EN: Playboys, bad boys
ES: Mujeriegos, los chicos malos

EN: I fink u freeky and I like you a lot (x4)
ES: Fink u freeky y me gusta mucho (x 4)

EN: Motherfuckers get buzzed off the spice that I bring
ES: Hijos de puta Haz borracha de la especia que traigo

EN: Guess who's got the party jumpin'?
ES: ¿Adivina quién tiene la fiesta Jumpin '?

EN: Glow in the dark rave, aura pumping
ES: Resplandor en la oscuridad rave, aura de bombeo

EN: It's nice and different, yo fuck the the system
ES: Es agradable y diferente, ¡ a la mierda el el sistema

EN: My system pumps off it's fucking face
ES: Mis sistema bombas fuera de su cara

EN: Step into my world nou's jy tuis in paradys
ES: Paso en UIS jy del mi nou mundo en paradys

EN: Yo word up to my brother, muis
ES: Oye la palabra a mi hermano, muis

EN: Pump up your speakers, God se Jesus.
ES: La bomba a tus bocinas, Dios se Jesús.

EN: Kyk wies rapping, lekker to the drum
ES: KYK wies rapeando, lekker al tambor

EN: These bad boys like to smack me in the bum
ES: Estos chicos malos como a pegarme en el culo

EN: My crew's blowing up like Chappies bubblegum
ES: Mi equipo es volar como gente bubblegum

EN: Popping in your face, nyaaaa
ES: Apareciendo en tu cara, nyaaaa

EN: Yo fuck the rat race my style is rap rave
ES: ¡ A la mierda la carrera de ratas es de mi estilo rap rave

EN: My crew is kak fresh, so who the fuck cares?
ES: ¿Mi equipo es kak fresco, así que quién le importa?

EN: What you fucking think, I'm the type of chick
ES: ¿Qué piensas, yo soy el tipo de chica

EN: Who rolls with spif giftige misfits
ES: Que rollos con spif giftige inadaptados

EN: I fink u freeky and I like you a lot (x8)
ES: Fink u freeky y me gusta mucho (x 8)

EN: Hold up! Whoa, whoa wait a minute-minute, Jesus Christ
ES: ¡ Espera! ¡ Espera un minuto, Jesucristo

EN: Yo my man DJ High Tek - Shit, this motherfucking beat is nice
ES: Hola mi amigo DJ alta Tek - mierda, este maldito beat es agradable

EN: Back in the day them dwankies didn't want to believe in us
ES: En su día los dwankies no quieren creer en nosotros

EN: Little did they know that they was in for a motherfucking big surprise.
ES: Poco sabían que estaban en una sorpresa maldita.

EN: Left home locked in my Zef Zone
ES: Casa izquierda encerrado en mi zona de Zef

EN: Ready for the test yo? What the fuck, I guess so...
ES: ¿Listo para la prueba eh? ¿Qué coño, supongo que sí...

EN: Hit the overseas, motherfucker's heads get blown.
ES: Golpeó el ultramar, volar cabezas de hijo de puta.

EN: Get everything will be free like Dr. Dre Beats headphones
ES: Haz todo estará libre como Dr. Dre Beats auriculares

EN: When I get home I lounge on my Zef throne
ES: Cuando llegue a casa sala de estar en mi trono Zef

EN: Make my mummy happy cause I get so paid
ES: Hacer mi mamá feliz causa así que me pagan

EN: Making my money rapping over techno rave
ES: Ganar mi dinero rapeando sobre techno rave

EN: I can take you 'round the world, let's go babe
ES: Te puedo llevar ' ronda elmundo, vamos nena

EN: When I step up and do my thing I put you in a trance
ES: Cuando paso al frente y hacer mis cosas te puse en trance

EN: My Zef motherfucking clique got it going on
ES: Mi camarilla maldito Zef está pasando

EN: Fuck what you think, I do what I want
ES: Joder lo que piensas, hago lo que quiero

EN: I can make a million little motherfuckers jump
ES: Puedo hacer saltar 1 millón cabrones

EN: Jump motherfucker, jump motherfucker jump (x4)
ES: Saltar hijo de puta, salto Salto cabrón (x 4)

EN: Increase the peace, don't wreck the party
ES: Aumentar la paz, no arruinar la fiesta

EN: And fuck da jol up for everybody
ES: Y da jol a todos a la mierda

EN: Ek's a laarney, jy's a gam
ES: EK es un laarney, jy una gam

EN: Want jy lam innie mang, met jou slang in a man
ES: Quiero jy lam sobresale mang, argot met jou en un hombre

EN: I fink u freeky and I like you a lot (x8)
ES: Fink u freeky y me gusta mucho (x 8)

EN: Now why you loer en kyk gelyk?
ES: Ahora ¿por qué te loer at kyk gelyk?

EN: Is ek miskien van goud gemake?
ES: ¿Es ek miskien van goud gemake?

EN: You want to fight, you come tonight.
ES: ¿Quieres luchar, esta noche.

EN: Ek moer jou sleg! So jy hardloop weg.
ES: EK moer jou sleg! Así jy hardloop weg.

EN: God se Jesus, we come to party
ES: Dios se Jesús, venimos a la fiesta

EN: Pump your speakers, yo rock your body
ES: Los altavoces de la bomba, Oye rock tu cuerpo

EN: In god we trust, You can't fuck with us
ES: En Dios confiamos, no puedes joder con nosotros

EN: We not taking kak, I'd like to say what's up
ES: Nosotros no a kak, me gustaría decir qué pasa

EN: To my sexy boys, and my fancy boys,
ES: A mis chicos sexy y mis muchachos fantasia,

EN: And my playboys, and my bad boys,
ES: Y mis playboys y mis chicos malos,

EN: And my pretty boys, and my ugly boys,
ES: Y mis chicos lindos y mis chicos feos,

EN: And my naughty boys,
ES: Y mis chicos traviesos,

EN: We gonna have a nice time kids
ES: Vamos a tener un buen rato hijos

EN: I fink u freeky and I like you a lot (x8)
ES: Fink u freeky y me gusta mucho (x 8)