29 July, 2016 - NME.com
Vivean Gray, the actress who played Mrs Mangel in Neighbours, has died at the age of 92. Gray was born in Cleethorpes, Lancashire in 1924 to parents who ran a fish and chip shop, but moved to Australia in 1952 in pursuit of better acting opportunities. She worked in radio and theatre down under before transitioning to the screen in the 1970s and 1980s with roles in popular Austraian TV shows The Sullivans and Prisoner: Cell Block H. In 1986 she became a regular Neighbours cast member and would play meddling, sharp-tongued matriarch Nell Mangel in nearly 300 episodes until 1988. The BBC reports that she left acting because viewers were unable to distinguish between Gray and the character she played. "I could barely set foot outside my own door without someone screaming abuse at horrid old Mrs Mangel," she said in a 1989 interview. "People didn't seem to appreciate it was acting. So I decided to take a break." Gray also played a key supporting role in the iconic 1975 Australian film Picnic At Hanging Rock, for which she was later commemorated on a postage stamp. Mark Little, who played her on-screen son Joe Mangel in Neighbours, has paid tribute to Gray on Twitter this morning, calling her a "legend many times over". Vivean Gray:Legend many times over.I was privileged to know and work with her.We laughed a lot creating The Mangel https://t.co/1sejJjptOO.— Mark Little (@themarklittle) July 29, 2016
Enya - Now We Are Free
Enya - Now We Are Free
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Enya - Now We Are Free letras (Traducción de Español)

EN: Anol shalom
ES: Anol shalom

EN: Anol sheh lay konnud de ne um (shaddai)
ES: Anol sheh establecer konnud de ne um (shaddai)

EN: Flavum
ES: Flavum

EN: Nom de leesh
ES: Nom de leesh

EN: Ham de nam um das
ES: Jamón de nam um das

EN: La um de
ES: La mensajería unificada de

EN: Flavne...
ES: Flavne...

EN: We de ze zu bu
ES: Hemos de ze zu bu

EN: We de sooo a ru
ES: Hemos de sooo un ru

EN: Un va-a pesh a lay
ES: Naciones Unidas va a pesh un lay

EN: Un vi-i bee
ES: Abeja de ONU vi-i

EN: Un da la pech ni sa
ES: ONU da la pech ni sa

EN: (Aaahh)
ES: (Aaahh)

EN: Un di-i lay na day
ES: Día de na laico ONU di-i

EN: Un ma la pech a nay
ES: ONU ma la pech un nay

EN: mee di nu ku
ES: mee di nu ku

EN: [x4]
ES: [x 4]

EN: La la da pa da le na da na
ES: La la da pa da le na da na

EN: Ve va da pa da le na la dumda
ES: Ve va da pa da le na la dumda

EN: Anol shalom
ES: Anol shalom

EN: Anol sheh ley kon-nud de ne um.
ES: Anol sheh ley kon roscado de ne um.

EN: Flavum.
ES: Flavum.

EN: Flavum.
ES: Flavum.

EN: M-ai shondol-lee
ES: M-ai shondol-lee

EN: Flavu... {Live on...}
ES: Flavu... {Vivir...}

EN: Lof flesh lay
ES: LOF carne sentar

EN: Nof ne
ES: NOF ne

EN: Nom de lis
ES: Nom de lis

EN: Ham de num um dass
ES: Jamón de num um dass

EN: La um de
ES: La mensajería unificada de

EN: Flavne..
ES: Flavne...

EN: Flay
ES: Flay

EN: Shom de nomm
ES: Shom de nomm

EN: Ma-lun des
ES: Des Ma-lun

EN: Dwondi.
ES: Dwondi.

EN: Dwwoondi
ES: Dwwoondi

EN: Alas sharum du koos
ES: Por desgracia sharum du koos

EN: Shaley koot-tum.
ES: Como koot-tum.