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A new documentary detailing the brilliant rise and sudden death of Janis Joplin, Janis: Little Girl Blue, will make its world premiere on September 5th at the Venice Film Festival. The film boasts a bevy of new audio and video footage, and in this exclusive clip for Rolling Stone, Joplin can be seen departing New York's famed Chelsea Hotel and lounging with friends and bandmates in California. See Lost Photos of Janis Joplin's Last Show As late Big Brother and the Holding Company Sam Andrew recalls in the clip, the band lived at the Chelsea while they were recording 1968's Cheap Thrills, and then spent a good chunk of the year in Southern California when they weren't on the road. Set to Big Brother's rendition of "Magic of Love," the footage of Joplin and company poolside or running around New York is innocent enough. Though Andrew casually remembers, "We would get together and do heroin in these peoples' rooms and just kind of, not nod off or go to sleep, but have really nice, mellow conversations." Janis: Little Girl Blue was directed by Amy J. Berg — who earned an Oscar nomination in 2007 for Deliver Us From Evil — and narrated by Chan Marshall (a.k.a. Cat Power), who will read from the rock legend's personal letters. The film will explore the two sides of Joplin: The storied, empowered musician on record and stage and the woman who remained haunted by insecurities borne out of a difficult adolescence in Port Arthur, Texas. Among the film's unearthed gems is footage of Joplin playing "Me and Bobby McGee" for members of the Grateful Dead and the Band, as well as her return to Texas for her 10-year high school reunion. Janis features interviews with Bob Weir, Clive Davis, Melissa Etheridge, D.A. Pennebaker (who also contributes film and audio from his archives) and Dick Cavett, as well as Joplin's family, childhood friends and bandmates. Following its world premiere at Venice, the doc will make its North American debut at the Toronto Film Festival, which begins September 10th. Related Love & Haight: Jim Marshall's Iconic Sixties San Fran Photos Janis Joplin Biopic Producers Sue Writer, Investment Firm 25 Must-See Movies at Toronto Film Festival 2015
Miguel vídeo clip All I Want Is You (feat. J. Cole)
Miguel - All I Want Is You (feat. J. Cole)
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J. Cole
I never thought I see that day that you’re my old girl
Now I’m stuck here hollering at old girl
Got one, Got two three four girls
Shotgun in the drop made her right
Hut one Hut two told them niggas take a hike
Then it’s on to the next one on to the next one
Hard to move on when you always regret one

I wanted some time. I wondered if I was wrong
Trying to do right by you got me here
Now all I am is alone

Cause honey our closeness and that
don’t compare at all
And I bet all do is distract me but now
Deep down when I face it

Chorus : Miguel
All I want is you
All I want is you
All I want is you now
Now that you’re gone, gone, gone

Coz being your friend is killing me softly
I hear voices
Wondering where I went wrong
It was my fault
And the wrong time I wonder so often
Regret get exhausted

Coz hon our closeness and
And that don’t compare at all
And I bet all do is distract me but now
Deep down when I face it

Chorus : Miguel
All I want is you
All I want is you now
All I want is you now
Baby now that you’re gone, gone, gone

Coz they don’t smile or smell like you
Coz they don’t make me laugh or even cook like you
Coz they don’t photograph or even sex like you
Let face it I can’t replace
that’s why All I want is you

J Cole
I hit the club when you left me thinking that could heal
Trying to celebrate my Independence Day Will Smith
Baby gurl who I’m kidding
still sick Real sh!t
All my new bitches seem to get old real quick
Could it be you everything these plain bitches couldn’t be
Is it a sign from the Lord that I shouldn’t be
Lost in the Player way sorta get old to me
Got me on layaway, Girl you gotta a hold on me

I say I’m wrong, You say come again
Damn said I was wrong look don’t rub it in
I got a lot on my mind
Got a flock full of dimes
Like a line full of hoes, Look how they coming in
Just saying
you don’t wanna have me then somebody will
I’m playing
Weight on my chest like I body build
I’m praying
You ain’t content with trying to do your thang
Hey come back baby boomerang

That's why
All I want is you now
All I want is you now
All I want is you now
Now that you’re gone, gone, gone,gone
You know that you're gone