Supertramp - Dreamer

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If it ain't money, money you talking 'bout
Look boy, you can talk your ass off
If it ain't pussy, pussy you talking 'bout
Shawty, you can get the fucking walk

[Verse 1: 2 Pistols]
Just vibing to myself man
Swisher sweet full blowing on that great dane
Big dog shit, your bitch call me Max Payne
2 pistols, get it
Anyway, I just landed on the west for a few days
I'm on that bubble 5 roof gone switching lanes
My California peach, she likes to role-play
Lights camera action, do your thang
And when she do it, do it, do it
I can't complain, pussy ass mouth, that's a triple play
You a nasty nigga, that's what them hoes say
I reply one thing (I don't care)


[Verse 2: 2 Chainz]
Left the supermarket, took the coup and parked it
You can catch me frequently at Gucci shoe department
I tell them get me peas on all colors
And ain't shit changed, these all honors
True to my religion, promethazine my prescription
I look in the mirror, that's my competition
Then I talk to myself, myself said, "What?"
I said "You a ill nigga, roll a blunt up,"
I do it for my hood, south side, A-town
All my dogs moving like Grey Hounds we pays for
Great car with black wheels, it's looking like a skateboard
I've been getting money since day one, uh!


[Verse 3: 2 Pistols]
I'm bout nothing but them Benjamins
26 inches looking like some ceiling fans
(Chop! chop!) Down the block candy apple red
With my ruger that will shoot you like Simon said
This ... it's a blessing, I coulda gone fed
... but a man cause...
Just ask about me, you coulda got them packets off me
Too many snitches in the street, so I'm rapping sorry
New Ferrari, stick leather bitch
You pussy niggas funny, Eddie Griffin shit
I'm with my white chick, nah she ain't super thick
Just call her Abby Wambach, her head game full attack